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Diana is an architect, designer, consultant, and creative director who works at the intersection of design, architecture, and traditional crafts. She is based in Porto, Portugal.

Currently, Diana is doing her doctoral research in Design at the Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture (ID+), a collaboration between the University of Porto and the University of Aveiro. She got her Master's in Architecture from the University of Porto's Faculty of Architecture in 2010.

Since 2008, Diana has been responsible for numerous architectural projects, including commercial and residential ones. She served as Head of Design and Creative Director at Monseo Jewels, where she worked extensively on product design, strategic design, creative direction, and brand management. Her contributions won the 2017 Golden A'Design Award. Diana also provided consultancy for the Digital Economy program 'SME Training'  between 2017 and 2018. She has presented her designs and architectural work at national and international events.

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List of Projects


001 Monseo Pavillion, Basileia, Switzerland [a]
002 Monseo Boutique, Porto, Portugal
003 Anselmo 1910 Jewellery Store, C.C.Colombo, Lisboa, Portugal [1,2]
005 Bathroom renovation, V.N.Gaia, Portugal
006 Monseo Windows, Porto, Portugal
007 Logicomer Headquarters Interiors, Porto, Portugal
008 Azevedo Coutinho House, Porto, Portugal [2,3]
010 Casa em Nova Sintra, Porto, Portugal [4]
011 Gilles Jewellery Store, Avenida da Liberdade, Lisboa, Portugal 
012 Interiors for Bartolomeu Velho Apartment, Porto, Portugal
015 House in Birre Renovation, Cascais, Portugal [5]
016 Interiors at Vieira Portuense House, Porto, Portugal [6]
017 Casa LS, Porto, Portugal [5, 6, 7]
018 Rua dos Mercadores Apartments, Porto, Portugal [6]
020 Electrum Pavillion for Temporary Exhibitions, Trofa, Portugal [b]
021 Gilles Jewellery Store, C.C.Colombo, Lisboa, Portugal [b]
024 Apartment Renovation in Avenida da República, V.N.Gaia, Portugal
026 Apartment Renovation in Pinhais da Foz, Porto, Portugal
030 Interiors for a House, Espinho, Portugal
033 Parnaso Apartment Conservation Consultancy, Porto, Portugal
035 Casa RF, Interiors, Porto, Portugal
036 Casa Issufo Nurmamade, Nampula, Mozambique
038 Apartment Interiors, V.N.Gaia, Portugal
042 Interiors FM Pinto House, Porto, Portugal
044 Gilles Jewellery Store, C.C.Vasco da Gama, Lisboa, Portugal 
045 Residential Building in Forca, Aveiro, Portugal [c] 

Design and Creative Direction 

Exotica, jewellery collection [a]
Eternal, jewellery collection
Secret Garden, jewellery collection
Portuguese Story, jewellery collection 
Sharp, jewellery collection
Neo Deco, jewellery collection
The Brand Letter, video, creative direction
Origens, photography, creative direction 
Origens, video, creative direction

List of Co-authors:
a. Carlos Castro b. Joana Figueiredo c. Sofia Gaspar

List of Collaborators:
1. Teresa Ferreira 2. Diana Vasconcelos 3. Miguel Brochado 4. Daniel Baptista 
5. Raquel  Rodrigo 6. Carla Viana 7. Joana Figueiredo 8. Nuno Pimenta

Collaborations with:
Sofia Granjo


2023    Science Communication Workshop: Scientific Posters and Visual Abstracts – engaging visual messages for a quick pace world. Scientific Poster. How do I do it?

   The role of polysemic terminologies in craft activity". Heritages Past and Present - Built and Social A Conference on Culture, History, Art and Design, AMPS, Prague

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